Wednesday, 17 February 2010

How to make a profitable web portal website

A web portal that will make you from $0.02-$5 every time a visitor clicks on a link in your web portal? All this is possible and I have been doing this for years now. One of my most profitable web portals that I have created is to do with television (you can check one of my portals out by clicking at
- it opens in a new window). This portal is bringing me so far on average around $80 day! The best thing of all is that I don't do anything to it, no updating, it all comes automatically into my PayPal account. You could also have a website portal and earn as big as you can imagine! Imagine if you have not just one but 10 website portals and making let say $20 a day of each. That's $200/day in total!

To have your own website portal is very simple. It doesn't require a large investment at all. Actually, you get the website portal free of charge as there are companies offering this service. Why are they offering this service for free? Well they make a percentage of the money you make, so it is in their interest to offer it for free. Therefore, the first step in creating a website portal is by creating first a free of charge account in one of this agencies. The second step is to have a domain name which you will need your web directory to be found at (please note that all links provided in this article open in a new window).


1. Register a domain name at
the prices to register a domain there start from as little as $9 a year!

2. Go to one of the biggest website portal agencies online at
and sign up to open your free account instantly.

3. After that you will need to add your domains to your account. Once you have set up and confirmed your NameDrive account, log in on the homepage and click the ‘Add domains’ button. On the next page, you can simply paste your domains into the ‘Add domains’ box. Enter your domains with one domain per line and no commas between each entry.
Click ‘Save & Continue’. On the next page, you can set up your domains as you like. Click ‘Save & Continue’ again and the domain will be added into your account.

Congratulations, you have created your profitable web portal and now you can earn straight away from $0.02-$5 per click!

Should you have any problems with the set up of your web portal, contact me and I will help you out.

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