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Thursday, 18 February 2010



How Michael Jones Made $64,521 In 4 Weeks

I have been for many years in the online business and testing different methods for making money online, but what Michael Jones has developed is something really outstanding that really works after I tried it out. It is truly a system that works if you use it the right way. It's definitely a brand new way of making money online which has changed the traditional affiliate marketing.

The Affiliate Code is the holy grail of affiliate marketing.

For the first time ever Michael Jones is revealing his simple system for bringing in MASSIVE affiliate sales from totally free traffic. And it works from day one, with no further promotion. He has been making about $65k a month from this since he put it together. This is probably the best way for the regular guy to get started with marketing and make money instantly, with no outlay.

When he started testing these latest techniques, he did it from scratch. No list, no budget, no JV partners... Just him and a computer... And he went from earning nothing at all, to sucking down over two thousand bucks a day, in no time at all.

Now, I have something to reveal to you right now. Usually when you see a marketer making so much money, it's coming from Adwords, or some other paid traffic. So if they're making $2k a day, only say $750 - $1000 will be actual profit. Obviously there are exceptions, but on average those figures are pretty accurate. But not in this case. The new techniques he's revealing to you inside The Affiliate Code are free! I mean, you can literally make money that's all profit, as the traffic is free. But do you know what's better? There's tons of this traffic, and it starts almost immediately. It's like turning on a tap.

Overall, for the first time ever, you can actually make some serious commissions on your very first day! So if you're serious about having a big profit, little work online business then click on his website to find out how you can do it too.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

How to make a profitable web portal website

A web portal that will make you from $0.02-$5 every time a visitor clicks on a link in your web portal? All this is possible and I have been doing this for years now. One of my most profitable web portals that I have created is to do with television (you can check one of my portals out by clicking at
- it opens in a new window). This portal is bringing me so far on average around $80 day! The best thing of all is that I don't do anything to it, no updating, it all comes automatically into my PayPal account. You could also have a website portal and earn as big as you can imagine! Imagine if you have not just one but 10 website portals and making let say $20 a day of each. That's $200/day in total!

To have your own website portal is very simple. It doesn't require a large investment at all. Actually, you get the website portal free of charge as there are companies offering this service. Why are they offering this service for free? Well they make a percentage of the money you make, so it is in their interest to offer it for free. Therefore, the first step in creating a website portal is by creating first a free of charge account in one of this agencies. The second step is to have a domain name which you will need your web directory to be found at (please note that all links provided in this article open in a new window).


1. Register a domain name at
the prices to register a domain there start from as little as $9 a year!

2. Go to one of the biggest website portal agencies online at
and sign up to open your free account instantly.

3. After that you will need to add your domains to your account. Once you have set up and confirmed your NameDrive account, log in on the homepage and click the ‘Add domains’ button. On the next page, you can simply paste your domains into the ‘Add domains’ box. Enter your domains with one domain per line and no commas between each entry.
Click ‘Save & Continue’. On the next page, you can set up your domains as you like. Click ‘Save & Continue’ again and the domain will be added into your account.

Congratulations, you have created your profitable web portal and now you can earn straight away from $0.02-$5 per click!

Should you have any problems with the set up of your web portal, contact me and I will help you out.

Sell Your Art or Crafts at Juried Shows to Increase Your Profits

as many people like to do arts and crafts, many of you have been asking me how they can go about turning their arts and crafts into cash. How to make the most money of your arts and craft items? Well I will post an article of quite a famous lady called Rena Klingenberg who is a specialist in this. I hope you find the article useful. I think it is very comprehensive and useful.

The following article below is copyrighted by Rena Klingenberg!

If you sell your art or crafts at shows, fairs, and festivals, you can increase your profits by focusing on selling at juried shows. Although juried shows are harder to be accepted into, and the booth fees and other expenses tend to be higher, they are often much more profitable for artists than the shows that are less expensive and easier to get into.

Some juried shows have strict requirements about how your booth is set up and what you can sell – which, although this can feel limiting, can also help "keep the riff-raff out" and maintain a high quality show.

The appeal of being in juried shows is that they are generally run well, with a good mix of higher caliber vendors, and they tend to attract a larger crowd – often bigger-spending shoppers who like to purchase quality handcrafted items. (Our favorite kind of customers!)

Although a juried show's restrictions and higher fees may be more challenging for the vendors, many artists and crafters find that the more profitable returns make it worth jumping through all the hoops to get accepted and participate.

What Makes a Show "Juried"?

A juried show is one where your acceptance is based on the approval of a "jury" that screens the applications and slides, looking for quality vendors and products.

Some juries consist only of the show promoter and a staff member or two. Others consist of an elaborately selected group of art educators, artists, art patrons, or gallery owners.

The jury usually accepts only a limited number of artists from each medium to the show, so your art or crafts (and application package) are competing against those of other artists in your medium.

That's why careful attention to your application and professional-quality slides are vital if you want to get into juried shows – particularly if you're in a relatively crowded medium like jewelry.

Applying for Juried Shows

To apply for a juried show, request an application package from the show promoter. Read everything very carefully before filling anything out, and follow the application requirements to the letter.

Along with your application package, send in your jury fee and application fee (sometimes they're combined as one fee, and sometimes they're separate).

If you wind up not being accepted into a juried show, you rarely receive a refund for your jury fee; it's paid to the jury members to compensate them for their time and expertise. You may or may not be refunded for your accompanying show application fee, depending on the show's refund policy. It’s important to be aware of the particular show's refund policies before applying, to be sure you know what to expect if you're not accepted.

If you aren't accepted into a juried show the first time you apply, don't lose heart or give up. Just keep working toward making your crafts more unique and well-made, your displays more professional, and your slides truly outstanding.

Apply again the next time the show puts out a call for artists. As your work evolves and the board of jurors changes, you'll have plenty of opportunities to be accepted to future editions of the show.

If you want any of your application materials (such as your slides) returned to you after the jurying process, include a self-addressed, stamped envelope attached to a politely written request to have them sent back to you.


Learn how to find good shows for selling your work, plus hundreds of other success secrets for selling your jewelry and other handcrafts at shows, in Rena Klingenberg's ebook, Ultimate Guide to Your Profitable Jewelry Booth -

USDBOT - the software to make you money on Forex

Wow, yesterday was one hell of a day. I was stunned and left breathless after seeing what the USDBOT could do. Thousands of traders went head over heels to grab one of the limited USDBOT copies. For short periods of times, the USDBOT site was inaccessible due to a massive number of traders wanting to grab a copy!

The Live Chat Support and E-mail Support were also bombarded with questions from members, but their team seemed that they handled it flawlessly. They anticipated such a rush so they had a whole staff of operators ready to answer every question from every member. Absolutely amazing dedication to customer service and satisfaction!

For you that don't yet know what the USDBOT is, well its a software which helps you earn money from the Forex market. The best thing about this software is that it is simple to use and you don't need any knowledge in Forex trading in order to make the software to earn you money. It really is a software that will stop you from loosing money when you trade on Forex. Its simple to install and it is regularly updated from a professional Forex traders.

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Great software to help you make money on roulette

If you're like me, you're probably reading this article because you enjoy playing roulette. Roulette is primarily a game of chance. When you employ certain strategies to the roulette wheel, you can increase your odds of winning dramatically - and everybody wants to win.

As I was scouring the Internet looking for a winning roulette strategy I came across a piece of software that basically was telling me where place my bet. I taught to give it a try and installed the 60 minute trial version. I couldn't believe how accurately, just the trial version was predicting where I should bet. Within the first 10 minutes I won enough money to actually pay for the software!

Now I've been using this software for the last couple months and I think it is one of the most valuable tools out there for winning at roulette.

Some basic tips that I recommend with this software is to use conservative settings, but increase the low/high numbers by about five points. Depending on what casinos you play at, this may decrease the number of betting opportunities you get but will increase the amount of winnings you get, so it is best to choose a casino where you can disable the animation.

Like always use wise money management strategies when gambling at the casinos and you will prosper and walk away wealthy.

If you want to give this software a try just go to their website at: and sign up for the trial version! Good luck!